2021 it’s time to start a freelance job


What is freelance?

To begin with, freelance is one of those words that has both a legal and non-legal definition. Freelance, or just freelance worker, are common terms used for an individual who is unemployed and not necessarily tied down to a specific employer long term.

In some cases, however, freelance workers are actually contracted by an employer through a freelance job agreement, but this is not considered ’employment’ by the company and can be either contractual or freelance, depending on the agreement between the parties.

The meaning of freelance in the gig economy, which is the broadest definition available to date, is “the practice of contracting with independent contractors to perform work in return for a fee.” The gig economy is similar to the definition of ‘commodity seller’ in that both refer to independent contractors who sell goods and services for money.

However, the key difference is that independent contractors are not employees in any way. They are independent from any company or organization and essentially have to do the work themselves, without any pressure from an employer.

In some ways, it’s a more ‘personal’ form of business, which is exactly how freelancers can make money online. And one should note that freelance work is all done online, through freelancing platforms and a worker may never meet his employer.